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Opera 11 is the fastest browser available and offers more features than any other browser to take advantage of today's Web
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20 December 2010

Editor's review

Browsing the web is one of the most commonly performed activities in present times with each and every one of us trying to extract some information or the other from the Internet and using it in the most useful manner. Different kinds of web browsers are available nowadays that promise enhanced web browsing facility for all kinds of users and can assist in tapping any kind of resource like music, movies or simply images and wallpapers. Diverse browser utilities such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera with several kinds of functionalities in not only navigating through the web and saving files but also gives suitable options to bookmark and save up history. Opera Browser for Windows 11.00 is a tool that enables a user to browse the web in the most suitable manner.

Opera Browser for Windows 11.00 opens with a suitable and easily navigable interface that has the controls placed at the top and main screen showing the history tabs of most used websites. The user can add up to nine web pages to these tabs which can help in future using of these websites. Opera 11 is considered to be the fastest web browser that provides a host of features which facilitate controlling the number of web pages that can be duly organized and also provides Google search predictions when the user searches from the web. There are visual mouse gestures available which help in performing common browser actions more speedily. Opera Turbo feature helps in speeding up browsing on slow connections and the Opera Link tool enables easy synchronizing of bookmarks when used on other systems or even mobile phones.

To conclude, Opera Browser 11.00 can easily prove to be a practical tool that can assist a user in easy and useful web browsing and thus gets a rating of 4 points for its utility value.

Publisher's description

Opera 11 is the fastest web browser available, and offers more features than any other browser to let you take advantage of today's Web.
New in Opera 11:
-Tab stacking lets you keep many pages organized.
-Google search predictions appear when searching the Web from your address field.
-Extensions from our extensions catalog let you add new functionality.
-Visual mouse gestures help you perform common browser actions more quickly.
Popular features:
-Opera Turbo speeds up browsing on slow connections.
-Opera Link can synchronize bookmarks with other computers and mobile phones.
-Opera Unite makes it easy to share files, photos and music from your computer.
All this is just the beginning--there is so much to discover in Opera.
Or just download Opera now and try a better browser for yourself.
Opera Browser
Opera Browser
Version 11.0
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